British Birth Certificate Original or Certified Copy

Is an Original British Birth Certificate a Certified Copy?

Many requirements for a Birth Certificate, from Australian Government departments etc., require the Original, and that can sometimes confuse some people, when they hold a UK Birth Certificate.

Every UK Birth Certificate is either a Certified Copy, or an Extract, from the official Birth record.

In the UK, an original Birth Certificate is marked as a Certified Copy, or an Extract of an entry of Birth.

These Certified Copies, or Extracts, are issued either by the General Register Office or the relevant local register office.

This is an example of an Original English Birth Certificate.

British Birth Certificate Certified Copy

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Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships are registered in accordance with civil registration legislation (e.g. the Marriage Act 1949 in England and Wales).
Civil registration legislation authorises the making of certified copies of these register entries. These copies are commonly referred to as “certificates”.

Certificates (an “extract” in Scotland) are issued either by the General Register Office or the local register office for the area where the event took place.
In Scotland, births and deaths can be obtained from the National Records of Scotland or any registration office regardless of where the event was registered.


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