Can I get an Australian visa if I was Refused a US visa?

If the US refused my Visa, will Australia also Refuse a Visa Application?.

Australia will not automatically refuse a visa application after being refused one in a different country, but the chances of a refusal will be high for obvious reasons.

If you have done nothing to alleviate the original reason(s) for refusal, and Australia has the same policy in whatever that was, then the same results will probably occur.

Each country has different assessment rules, and Australia may be less lenient in one area, whilst being more lenient in another.  Therefore the reason for the refusal would be key to an answer.

If you say, in reply to the Australian visa application questions, that you have never been refused a visa, then an automatic refusal is very probable, based on character assessment (ie: Lying).

The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, have agreed to share biometric data from applications for visa and other immigration benefits of potential immigrants.

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