Can I use my Overseas Driver Licence to drive in New South Wales?

Driving in New South Wales.

Can I use my Overseas Driver Licence to drive in New South Wales?.

If you hold an overseas licence, you are allowed to drive the vehicles covered by your overseas licence in New South Wales [NSW] indefinitely, as long as:

  • You remain a temporary overseas visitor
  • Your overseas licence remains current
  • You have not been disqualified from driving in NSW or anywhere else
  • You have not had your licence suspended or cancelled, or your visiting driving privileges withdrawn
  • You carry your overseas driver or rider licence. If your licence is not written in English, you must ALSO carry an English translation, or an International Driving Permit.

You don’t have to get a NSW licence if you comply with these conditions, and can prove your genuine visitor status to NSW Police, if required.

New Zealand licence holders, regardless of whether you are a permanent or temporary resident, must obtain a NSW licence within three months of living in NSW or you must stop driving.

You may need to prove your genuine visitor status to the Traffic Police, if required.

You need to carry your Driver Licence and English Translation or International Driving Permit at all times while driving.

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International Driving Permits.

An International Driving Permit (IDP) or International Drivers Licence is a United Nations sanctioned document that translates your driving classification into nine different languages and is recognised in over 150 countries.

Seat Belts in Australia.

Seat Belts are Compulsory in Australia for all occupants of the car.

A passenger who is under 4 years old must not be in the front row of a motor vehicle that has 2 or more rows of seats.

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