Can Migration Agents Witness or Certify Visa Application Documents

Who can Witness or Certify Migration Visa Application Documents?.

Most people know that a Justice of the Peace can certify most documents required for legal purposes.

However, there are many other occupations that can also certify most documents, and for those people who are making Visa Applications, and using an Australian Registered Migration Agent, that list includes that fact that an Australian Registered Migration Agent is also able to certify these documents when needed.

Document certification is not required as much these days, as a colour scan of a document does not need certification these days.

The Statutory Declarations Regulations 2018 contains a full list of all occupations where the person can witness Commonwealth statutory declarations.

The following image shows the changes in 2018.

Certification For Immigration Documents

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The information we give is based on personal experiences, reading and formulation of available statistics.
Some Visa Applicants might find an Experienced Australian Migration Agent of great assistance. - ai16

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