Car Windscreen Tinting and Solar Radiation

According to the Cancer Council of Australia

  • Clear glass blocks about 97% of the UVB radiation and about 37% of UVA radiation.
  • Laminated windscreens block all of the UVB radiation and about 80% of the UVA radiation.
  • Windscreen films can reduce the transmission of UVR further so that as much as 97% of the UVA is blocked, depending on the quality of film used.

Source from a PDF File at

Clear car glass has a protection factor of about 13, which is equivalent to a good sunscreen, while some window tints, for example, film tinting for car windows, have protection factors of 500.

Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC)
ISBN 978 0 642 32829 8 (PDF online)

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