Chumley Warner

Chumley Warner’s Traditional British Fish & Chips is the most Southerly British fish and chip shop in the world.

Opened in October 2009 by Adrian and Louise Warner from the West Midlands, who emigrated in 2006.

Chumley Warner’s has seating for 30 guests and is located just 1 minute drive from the bay front.

Why is it a REAL British Fish and Chip shop ?

The 6 metre long Frying range was built in England and shipped, together with the potato rumbler and chipper, to Queensland.

Their cod and haddock are fished from sustainable stocks from the waters in and around the North Atlantic, and filleted and frozen within 5 hours of being caught. FASFA, the Frozen at Sea Fillets Association, supplies sea fillets to over 80% of UK fish & chip shops and now to Chumley Warner’s of Australia.

Even their sausages, pies, pasties, haggis, black and white pudding are all handmade by artisan British Craftsmen to traditional British recipes. Not stopping at that, even the little things, or the magic key ingredients, have also been imported from the UK including the batter mix, frying oil, mushy peas, curry sauce, gravy and the the chip shop vinegar.

For the British in South East Queensland, Chumley Warner’s can give them a taste of their old home.

Scottish Dinner in Australia

Watch out for more Chumley Warner’s Traditional British Fish & Chip shops popping up all over Australia over the next few years…

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Chumley Warner’s Traditional British Fish & Chips
Aquatic Paradise Centre
Shop 8, 190 Birkdale Road
Birkdale, Queensland 4159
Tel: 07 3822 7787

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