Citizenship processing while overseas

Going Overseas while Citizenship is processing.

Question: Will going overseas, after applying for Australian Citizenship, affect the processing of an application?

In normal circumstances the processing of an Australian Citizenship application will be paused while the applicant is overseas.

Wording from
“You must be in Australia when we decide on your application in most cases”.

If going overseas after the application, but before the test, they will delay arranging the test until you return.

If you go overseas after the test, then the processing of the Ceremony will normally be delayed until after you return.  Other applications with stronger ties to Australia, ie: being in the country, would likely be given priority.

However, this wording from
“You must intend to live in Australia or maintain a lasting link with Australia while overseas”, might help with an application for compelling and compassionate circumstances, if such circumstances exist.

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Urgent Private Citizenship Ceremony.

Urgent and/or Private ceremonies may be considered in exceptional and very limited circumstances.
All requests for urgent or private ceremonies must be assessed on a case by case basis.

An urgent need to travel, while the applicant no longer holds a valid foreign passport, might be classed as an exceptional circumstance.

Citizenship Ceremony in Overseas Embassy.

Citizenship ceremonies may be conducted overseas in limited circumstances.

If an applicant makes an application while residing overseas and remains overseas at time of approval they
may be invited to make the Pledge at an Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.

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