Clive Palmer and Vaccine Indemnity

Clive Palmer on Vaccine Indemnity

Clive Palmer’s Leaflet.

I don’t understand why the Australian Government has granted the pharmaceutical companies a complete indemnity should their COVID-19 vaccines cause illness or death. …. No one will be successful in court if the government has indemnified the pharmaceutical companies.

University of Sydney.

In last week’s federal budget the Australian government announced it had given the suppliers of two COVID-19 vaccines indemnity against liability for rare side-effects.

Although details are unclear, it appears the government would foot the bill for compensation if a member of the public wins legal action against the drug company.

This deal is not entirely new or unexpected. The government has provided some indemnity to pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines against smallpox and influenza.

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The governments of many other countries have also agreed to indemnify COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, including governments in the UK, US and the European Union.

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