Company Names and Trading Names

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This page is mainly for my own benefit, to be able to check credit card statements better, by creating a list of registered names that appear on Credit Cards, together with their real trading name.

It is a pain at times to check the card statement and see a name that you just do not recognise, and have to go through everything to work out what it actually was.

Scodan QLD Pty Ltd = Colonial Landscape Supplies

Endos Capalaba = Endeavour Retail Stores

Dcb International En Capalaba = International Freight

Glemped Pty Ltd Victoria Point = Black Rock Surfwear

Agoda Hotel Bookings
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Plousios Pty Ltd Victoria Point = an excavating company ?

Vesa Tababni Eronen = (something to do with Finland ? )

Tri-Jag Pty Ltd = Night Owl Victoria Point

Seeker Fashion Pty Ltd = Reiss Emporium

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