Sell your old Mobile Phone

Your old mobile phones, of which it appears that many Australians have a few lying around after updating, may be worth a few dollars to you.

Some old phones are worth nothing at all, but there are some that are, even if they are not working.

If you happen to have a non working iphone4, then it could be worth $256, ($656 if it is still working) but if like me you only have something like the LG KG810 then it is only worth $3.20, even in working order. I also have a Sagem MTc-3B, but that is only $1.60 if working.

A Nokia 2323 Classic is worth $6.40 though, or $3.20 if NOT working.

If you want to check your fortune in old mobiles, have a look at:

All you need to send them is the handset and battery, and THEY pay the postage.

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I am giving mine to my daughter, and telling her what to do, and she can send them off, and she can keep the money.

But remember, it isn’t just about getting a bit of money back, it is about recycling these old phones.

A quote from the Mazumamobile website:

We process your redundant phones, which are then reused in developing markets such as China, Africa, Pakistan and India. Another good thing as your phones help in improving and developing communications in these economies.

It costs us nothing, and we all gain something. That can’t be a bad result.

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