Garden City Bus Station and Upper Mount Gravatt Busway

If you are ever checking bus routes and timetables, and you see that your bus arrives at either Garden City Bus Station or Upper Mount Gravatt Busway station, and then departs on the next leg of the journey from the other one of the two, you may get a bit confused, unless you realise they are both in the same place.

And that is exactly what I did NOT realise, when I was trying to talk someone through a journey today.

Reading the information from the Translink website, I was saying to get the 281 bus to Upper Mount Gravatt Busway, then change to the 545 bus from the Garden City Interchange. At that point, I thought “how do they get from Upper Mount Gravatt Busway Station to the Garden City Interchange” !!!

I had no idea how far it was between the two, but assumed that two major bus interchanges would be a fair distance between each other.

That was of course, until I downloaded the Upper Mount Gravatt busway station map where I found that the two bus interchanges were actually adjoining each other.

Obviously this is no problem to a local, but to someone who is new to the area, it can cause confusion.

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