Cost of Failing to Give Way at a Roundabout

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Who gives way at a roundabout?.

When approaching a roundabout you must give way to all vehicles already on the roundabout.

However, many people feel that the rule is “When approaching a roundabout always give way to your right“. To a point this is correct, but it only means “Give way to vehicles that are already on the roundabout and are to your right“. As ALL vehicles that are coming towards you WILL be on your RIGHT, it sounds a bit pointless.

Unfortunately many people, when learning to drive, had the words “always give way to your right” drummed into them.

But it does not apply the same way at a roundabout.

The actual rule dictates that drivers must slow or stop to give way to any vehicles already on the roundabout.

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Therefore, the first vehicle on the roundabout has right of way.

What is the Penalty for not Giving Way at a Roundabout?.

The cost of Failing to Give Way at a Roundabout varies depending on what state you are in, but currently can be between $150 and $451 plus demerit points..

ACT: $451 plus 3 demerit points
SA: $419 plus 3 demerit points
QLD: $378 plus 3 demerit points
NSW: $330 plus 3 demerit points
Vic: $165 no demerit points (
Tas: $159 plus 3 demerit points
WA: $150 plus 3 demerit points

Some of the above penalty figures may have increased since these figures were checked.

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