The Queen’s Birthday in Queensland, 2019

The Queen’s Birthday 2019.

The Queen was born on the 21st April 1926, and her Birthday is therefore the 21st April, so why is her birthday on a different day?

In Queensland, her birthday in 2019 is celebrated today, 7th October 2019 with a public holiday.

In most of the UK it is usually celebrated on the second Saturday in June, but without a public holiday. In 2019 it was on the 8th June, and in 2020 it will be the 13th June.

In Australia, every state has a public holiday for the Queens Birthday, with most States having the 10th June 2019 (8th June 2020) as the date to celebrate her Birthday with a holiday.

There are two exceptions to this:

Queensland has chosen 7th October 2019 (5th October 2020) as the holiday date.

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Western Australia has chosen 30th September 2019 (28th September 2020) as their holiday.

Public Holidays for the Queens Birthday in other Countries.

Gibraltar: 17th June 2019 (15th June 2020).

Canada (Victoria Day): Last Monday before 25 May.

New Zealand: First Monday in June.  3rd June 2019

Falkland Islands: Her actual birthday, 21st April.

Cook Islands: First Monday of June. 3rd June 2019. (1st June 2020)

Papua New Guinea: Second Monday of June. 10th June 2019. (8th June 2020)

Solomon Islands: 7th June 2019. (12th June 2020).

Tuvalu: second Saturday of June. 8th June 2019. (13th June 2020

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