COVID-19 Mortality Risk by Age

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Age Related COVID-19 Death Rates.

COVID-19 mortality risk from a study of analysed age-specific data on over 800 deaths and 20,000 diagnoses in Victoria.

The overall population-wide risk of death following the diagnosis of a COVID-19 infection was 4%. ie: 4 deaths from every 100 cases.

However, this varied between under 1%, to up to around 40%, based on different age groups.

COVID-19 Mortality Risk

  • 40% for people in their 90s.
  • 32% for people in their 80s.
  • 14% for people in their 70s.
  • 3% for people in their 60s.
  • Under 1% for people up to 59.

The study underlines the need for age-specific analysis.


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