Australia’s New Submarines

The Delay of the New Submarines.

Former Prime Minister,  Kevin Rudd :

We are being left strategically naked for 20 years, based on what I do see to be the bungling of this new submarine project,”

With Federal Labor saying it has received advice that the new Nuclear submarines might not be constructed until 2040, it seems to be saying that Australia will be “strategically naked” from now until 2040, almost 20 years.

The French designed Attack class diesel-electric Barracuda submarines, originally planned to be built in Adelaide, under the 2016 A$55 billion deal, were expected to be operational from 2034.

So, comparing the two, it shows only a 6 year difference, with Australia therefore being “strategically naked” from now until 2034, almost 16 years.

However, under the French deal, Australia still had the Collins class submarines.

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Australia will still have those Collins class submarines under the US-UK deal.

But also, under the US-UK deal, it has been mentioned that Australia could lease some submarines from the US.
Sept 2021:
Australian ministers have confirmed that leasing submarines from the Aukus allies could be a stop-gap solution until Australia takes delivery of its own.

Nov 2015:
Australias Submarines the US Option.
Serious consideration on leasing Virginia-class boats from the U.S.

Nov 2013:
A leading nuclear engineering expert urged the Abbott government to consider leasing nuclear-powered submarines from the United States.

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