Covid Deaths and Cases Worldwide

16,739 COVID deaths in just one day.

The following worldwide COVID statistics are for the 24 hour period ended at midnight GMT, 22nd January 2021.

  • 16,739 COVID related deaths worldwide, reported in one single day.
  • 670,113 COVID cases worldwide, reported in one single day.

The following COVID statistics are since the coronavirus began.

  • 2,098,846 COVID related deaths reported worldwide in total.
  • 98,065,300 Cases reported worldwide in total.

Australia has, to a large degree, been protected from the major effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

This protection has primarily been obtained by reducing the numbers of overseas arrivals into Australia.

By isolating the population of Australia, to some degree, the numbers of COVID cases and deaths have been kept relatively low.

  • 28,758 cases have been reported in Australia from 12.6 million tests.
  • 909 COVID related deaths have been reported in Australia, from these 28,758 cases, since the virus began.

Of the 69 cases reported in Australia in the last week, 65 of these were international arrivals, and just 4 were classed as locally acquired cases. However, these 4 local cases caught the virus from international arrivals in quarantine hotels.

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It would be correct to say that Australia would have had no cases in that week if no international passengers arrived.

However,  Australia has limited overseas arrival numbers to just a few thousand per week, and some reports put the numbers of COVID cases at about 3 positive cases per 100 arrivals.

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