Credit Card Surcharges for Bill Payments in Australia

Credit Card Surcharges for Bill Payments in Australia.

When a payment is made by Credit Card to pay a bill, the Credit Card provider makes a charge to cover their costs. This charge is sometimes built in to the basic price, or it can be added on to a normal price.
An example of this is that if a business wants to get $100 for an item or a service provided, it might need to charge $101, from which they receive $100 and the Credit Card provider keeps $1.

Some businesses prefer to add it in to the price, while others allow you the option to pay with another method, and save that extra cost.

These are some of the common surcharges for using a Visa or Mastercard to pay Bills at various suppliers.

Surcharge: Supplier

Nil : Ergon Electricity (
0.37% : Origin Electricity
0.39% : Queensland Urban Utilities (Water)
0.40% : Department of Main Roads, QLD (

Credit Card Surcharges on Council Rates.

These vary between nothing and about 1% of the transaction total.

NIL : Lockyer Valley Regional Council (Rates)
0.33% : Toowoomba City Council (
0.38% : Gold Coast City Council (
0.60% : Waverley Council (
0.61% : Brisbane City Council (
1.00% : City of Canterbury Council (

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