Credit Cards with Cash Back Reward

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A number of Australian Credit cards have a rewards system that gives cash back to the card Holder.

One of the popular ones recently was the ANZ Bank Rewards Visa card. This gave a refund of $100 for every 13,750 points saved. To reach that number of points, the cardholder had to spend $20,614.

But that has recently changed, and possibly due to the recent introduction of the Woolworths Everyday Money Mastercard. This card provides Woolworths gift vouchers at a rate of $100 for every 17,750 points. That number of points can be reached by spending $13,250 assuming 30% of your card spend is at Woolworths group outlets.

Obviously, this Woolworths card was much better value than the ANZ card.

However, from what I have read recently, ANZ have now changed their points system, and to reach the 13,750 points to get $100, you now only need to spend $13,750. (This is NOT yet confirmed on their website). A similar figure to the Woolworths card.

ANZ: Spend $13,320 to get 19,980 points which gets you a $100 voucher. (Oct 2010)

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Competition again provides a winner for the consumer 🙂


  • ANZ spend $13,320 to get a $100 voucher for Bunnings, Harvey Norman, Target etc
  • Woolworths spend about $13,250 to get a $100 Gift Card for use at Woolworths Group shops
  • Bank of QLD spend $18,333 to get $100 voucher ( this may have now changed)
  • St George Amplify spend $17,500 to get a $100 Gift Voucher for Caltex, Bunnings etc.



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