Crime Rates in Western Australia 2008

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The following table shows the Crime Rates per 100,000 population for Western Australia, during 2008, broken down into a number of individual crime activities.

Homicide and related offences
1.23 Murder
0.32 Attempted murder
0.23 Manslaughter
1.77 Total homicide and related offences
958.21 Assault
81.58 Sexual assault
1.27 Kidnapping/abduction
26.95 Armed robbery
50.00 Unarmed robbery
76.95 Total robbery
4.49 Blackmail/extortion
Unlawful entry with intent
1,215.06 Involving the taking of property
507.30 Other
1,722.37 Total unlawful entry with intent
352.68 Motor vehicle theft
3,685.25 Other theft

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