Different Languages in Australia 2016

Most Popular Non-English Languages in Australia.

In 2016, out of a population of 23,401,770 there were 17,020,413 people who spoke only English at home, with 4,871,833 who spoke another language at home. It is estimated that about 2.5 million are not able to use English properly to communicate.

The most popular ten languages, other than English, spoken at home are:

596,703 speak Mandarin
321,720 speak Arabic
280,943 speak Cantonese
277,391 speak Vietnamese
271,602 speak Italian
237,583 speak Greek
182,498 speak Filipino/Tagalog
159,637 speak Hindi
140,813 speak Spanish
132,500 speak Punjabi

The Changes in Non English Languages in Australia.

Between 2011 and 2016 there have been the following changes in the use of these top 10 languages (other than English) at home in Australia.

86% increase in Punjabi (0.6% of the population)
77% increase in Mandarin (2.5% of the population)
43% increase in Hindi (0.7% of the population)
33% increase in Filipino/Tagalog (0.8% of the population)
20% increase in Spanish (0.6% of the population)
19% increase in Vietnamese (1.2% of the population)
12% increase in Arabic (1.4% of the population)
7% increase in Cantonese (1.2% of the population)
6% decrease in Greek (1.0% of the population)
9% decrease in Italian (1.2% of the population)

Source: ABS 2016 Census data

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