Does HECS debt count as Outstanding Debt?

Does HECS Debt count as an outstanding debt to the Australian Government, on the Visa Application?

The specific question is:

Has any applicant ever had any outstanding debts to the Australian Government or any public authority in any other country?

In my opinion if it is not due to be paid yet, then it isn’t an “outstanding” debt.

An official definition of debt from the Australian Government Department of Finance.

Definition of Debt (amount owing to the Commonwealth):
A sum of money owing to the Commonwealth which is known and not being disputed, due for payment now and legally capable of being recovered in a legal action for debt.

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To be safe you could mention your HECS debt, but also state that it is not yet due for repayment, or state that you are paying the required payments on time according to the official requirements, and that no payments are ‘outstanding’.

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