Does NAB Pay Need an Internet Connection to work?

Does NAB Pay Need an Internet Connection to work?.

NAB Pay allows you to use your mobile phone to pay for Goods and Services, without the need of your debit card.

NAB Pay requires a mobile phone running Android 4.4 and an NFC chip, with an active internet connection to work
Just hold the back of your internet active phone to the card reader, just as you would with your paypass debit card.

What is NFC?.

Near Field Communication [NFC] is a wireless link that operates just a few centimetres between the devices in use.

An NFC chip inside a Mobile Phone can transmit data to a suppliers payment card reader, in a similar way to PayWave or PayPass etc, when the two devices are very close to each other.

Does My Phone have an NFC chip?.

Once you open the NAB Pay in the NAB app, the application will check your phone’s compatibility, and tell you if it has an ‘NFC chip’ or ‘NFC-enabled’ technology.

You can also search for your Phones model with the word NFC and you may get a result such as this:

Agoda Hotel Bookings
Sponsor ai10

Mobile Phone Information
Manufacturer : Samsung
Model : Galaxy J5
NFC Enabled : Yes
NFC Tag Scanning Enabled : Yes
Operating System : Android

However, after checking for my phone online, the actual message from NAB pay on the phone said this:

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