Earthy Water Taste in Somerset and Lockyer Valley.

Why does water taste Earthy in Somerset and Lockyer Valley.

Some residents in parts of the Somerset and Lockyer Valley regions are noticing a temporary change in the taste or odour of their tap water.

Seqwater has advised the change is due to an increase of naturally occurring organic compounds in the raw water supply which are safe to drink.

Sensitivity to the change will vary from person to person. Chilling your water by popping it in the fridge, and adding some lemon, orange or cucumber before drinking can help reduce the earthy taste and smell.

For more information:

Earthy Water Reasons.

Naturally occurring organic compounds called Geosmin and Methylisoborneol, which is better known as MIB, in the raw water supply can cause an earthy taste and/or odour in tap water.

Geosmin and MIB are compounds produced from algae or bacteria in our catchments and are responsible for that ‘rain smell’ and can also make our water taste and smell earthy, musty or swampy.

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While these compounds may lead to a temporary change in taste and/or odour in water, they are not harmful.

These compounds can increase following particularly hot and rainy weather conditions.

Sensitivity to taste varies from person to person, so some people may not notice any change while others may.

Cooling the water can help reduce any earthy taste in the tap water. Adding wedges of citrus fruit, mint or cucumber may also help reduce the earthy taste.

  • Geosmin is not toxic or harmful.
  • Geosmin can still exist in boiled water.
  • Using a carbon filter can reduce the Geosmin taste, but may not eliminate the taste entirely.
  • Geosmin cannot be removed from water using standard treatment processes.
  • Geosmin is able to be detected at concentrations as low as anywhere from 0.4 parts per billion to 5 parts per trillion.
  • Some people are not able to detect Geosmin.
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