Electricity Suppliers in Queensland, Australia

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Electricity Suppliers in Queensland, Australia

The next question is…

Which supplier has the lowest Electricity rates in Queensland ?

I did a few checks, (Jan 2011), using my own average usage of about 3,000 kWhs per quarter, and came up with two extreme annual estimates.

$2,475 was the cheapest and
$3,320 was the most expensive.

Prices change, and requirements are different for each individual, so stating the best and worst, may not actually help, especially as this will be out of date at some stage. But my advice is to check around, maybe even use one of the energy price switch comparison websites.

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I will also make one observation, as I am in Queensland myself:

My last bill was 2680 kWh for $545.72, this would equal $2,188 if annualised.
One of the switch comparison websites show an estimated annual bill of between $2,220 and $2,977 for that exact usage.
They show my actual supplier at a cost of $2,273.

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