Exemptions to COVID Quarantine in Australia

Is anyone allowed an Exemption to Mandatory Quarantine in Australia?.

The rules for Quarantine are simple, this is stated at: www.health.gov.au

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all travellers arriving in Australia by air or sea MUST go into government approved mandatory quarantine for 14 days from arrival, with limited exceptions.

If you are granted a mandatory quarantine exemption, you might still have to self-quarantine at home or in other accommodation of your choice.

These exemptions are shown at: Quarantine for incoming travellers

Some people have asked why Celebrities etc., appear to have been able to get an exemption from this quarantine.  I used the word ‘appear’ for a reason..
They have been able to get an exemption from ‘Hotel” quarantine, but not the general “government approved mandatory quarantine”.

Some companies or organisations have arranged their own Quarantine procedures, and had these approved by the Government.  This means that their Staff, Visitors etc., can be quarantined on other premises.

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Popstar Dannii Minogue was exempted from hotel quarantine.
Billionaire Kerry Stokes avoided the mandatory hotel quarantine procedure when he flew back.
Tom Hanks avoided hotel quarantine when he arrived.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Doctor Jeanette Young has stated that there is “no special treatment to avoid quarantine” for the rich and famous.

Anyone who has access to quarantine in a COVID-safe place that is deemed acceptable to health authorities, is permitted to quarantine at that place.
However, the cost of setting up such a scheme is much higher than Hotel Quarantine.

Tom Hanks, for example, was exempt from hotel quarantine under the film industry’s COVID-safe plan, but still had to abide by a 14 day quarantine.
Under that plan they have to stay in the place for two weeks just like everybody else and they will have random checks by the police,”

There are similar schemes for the others who could afford it.

It is a special treatment, for those who are prepared to pay the extra and have personalised quarantine.

Those staying in Hotel Quarantine are also getting special treatment, when compared to those who can’t afford the Hotel Quarantine costs, and are not even able to come to Australia, due to that cost.

Those celebrities, who avoid ‘Hotel’ Quarantine, are actually freeing up some hotel quarantine rooms for others to use.

They are also paying the full cost of their Quarantine, and not the subsidised cost that the rest pay.  The Australian Taxpayer subsidises the normal quarantine system.

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