Fast track PR for Temporary Visa Holders from India?

Australia-India business body says permanent residency for onshore temporary residents from India must be fast-tracked.

The Department of Home Affairs has confirmed that there are over 16,900 temporary visa holders in the skilled category, and over 2,300 in other employment categories, from India inside Australia as at April 2021.

Indian business owners in Australia, through the Australia India Business Council have urged the Australian government to fast-track permanent residency for these almost 20,000 onshore temporary visa holders from India.

Indian Business owners in Australia are having to put business expansions on hold due to not being able to find skilled staff.

On one hand they want fast permanent residency for almost 20,000 onshore temporary visa holders from India, so they can work in their businesses.

I can’t help wondering why the 20,000, already in Australia, can’t do those jobs now. Most of them would have working rights already.

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On the other hand they also want more young and skilled migrants to be permitted to come from India to Australia, to work in those businesses.

Jim Varghese, from the Australia India Business Council said: “Australia must revamp the immigration policy as an urgent national priority to invite more young and skilled migrants to Australia to sustain the economic growth during the post-COVID recovery period”.…/fast-track-permanent-residency-for-onshore-temporary-residents-from-india-says-australia-india-business-body

Unfortunately the number of skilled visa grants has been reduced during COVID-19, from the normal allocation.

It is expected that this will revert back once the COVID restrictions are over.

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