Finding Historical Sale Prices for Properties in Australia

Most real estate websites, when they show details of properties that have sold in the past, do not have the actual price sold for. This information can be very useful when you are looking at houses, and there are ways to find this information history.

The most guaranteed way is to ask a Real Estate agent to provide the information, as they have it all at their fingertips. Although not all will be willing to supply it. Those that don’t are advised by me that I will go elsewhere for a better service.

There are also some other options. Websites that provide this information, or at least some of it. can be used to locate current sales and old sale prices for many houses in QLD, NSW and ACT. shows the prices that properties were listed at by the Real Estate agent . This is rarely the actual sales price though.

Neither of these has all the properties, but using both of them, may give you a reasonable idea.

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Sponsor ai10 also shows a small number of sold properties, with the sale price, although as soon as you click to see the details it invariably reverts back to “SOLD – Price Withheld”.

I just checked an example, by entering my suburb, then looking at the very bottom of the results page, and saw the street address, number of bedrooms, selling agent and the price ($775,000).
Clicking on the link, I then saw the original advert with: “SOLD – Price Withheld”.
Not a bad house though Property Link.

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