Foreign Exchange Transaction Fees

How Much are Foreign Exchange Transaction Fees in Australia.

Two actual cost examples for paying a cost in the United States from Australia:

NAB VIsa Debit Card: A US$106.20 cost A$145.35 when paying by Visa Card
Paypal: A US$100.00 cost A$128.00 when paying by Paypal

The main cost in the Bank payment, using NAB Visa, was the Foreign Exchange Transaction Fee of $4.23.

The Paypal FX rate was a cost of A$1.28 to the US$
The NAB FX rate was a cost of A$1.329 to the US$, but with the FX Fee became A$1.369 to the US$

So, the US$106.20 purchase, costing a total of $145.35 when paying by VISA card, would have only been $135.94 using Paypal.

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