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Some houses in Australia are fitted with a gas hot water system, and one of the more popular ones is the Rinnai Instant system.

Rinnai Infinity 26

The real benefit that I seem to like is the ability to set a desired temperature on the console, and that is the heat of the water that your shower provides.

I don’t have one myself, but it does look very good. I did have an electric one with the similar heat setting before, and I would like to have that feature again.

This system is stated to provide enough hot water for 2 showers at the same time, a very useful feature with many houses having 2, or even 3, bathrooms these days.

The Rinnai Infinity 26 is designed to produce 26 litres of water per minute at a temperature of 26 degrees higher than the cold water input.

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  • If the cold water is 15 degrees, it would produce 26 litres per minute of water at 41 degrees (26+15)
  • If the cold water is 20 degrees, it would produce 26 litres per minute of water at 46 degrees (26+20)

If the temperature output is set higher, the amount per minute will be reduced, eg:

  • If the cold water is 20 degrees, it may produce only 20 litres per minute of water at 50 degrees (estimated to show the principle)

I did check on a price for his unit, and found $1,750 + $770 for a standard installation. For mine I would probably be looking at about $3,000 all up, for 3 bathrooms.

In NSW, this product may be eligible for the $300.00 NSW Home Saver Rebate.

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