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Question re: Health Exams – Medicals

We are going to front load the application with the police checks and health exams. I know that re the health exam, there is a referral letter with HAP number that the clinic would need in order to make the appointment and then attach the results directly onto the application on our behalf.

Do we first have to complete the visa application together with the police checks in order to get that referral letter / TRN/ HAP no. and then make the health exam appointment straight after submission? I know it takes max a week for the clinic to attach the results to the application. Or can we just go get the health exam and attach the results ourselves to the application and upload it with the police checks etc?

Or maybe just email the clinic and ask them what they prefer?

The answer depends on your location, and whether done during COVID or after all COVID restrictions have been removed.

Currently, due to COVID, You will need to wait until you have submitted your visa application and been provided a HAP ID to complete your health examinations.

With applications from some countries, the Clinic MUST send the result direct to the Embassy. The Applicant never gets to see it.

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With other countries, people can normally get the Health checks done before, or after, the application is put in.

To get the HAP ID, before submitting the application, you can Log in to your ImmiAccount and..

  1. Click on the New application button.
  2. Then click on the My Health Declarations link by expanding the Health application group.
  3. After agreeing to the My Health Declarations terms and conditions and privacy statement, you..
  4. Select the visa that you intend to apply for from the Visa subclass drop down list.
  5. Then continue with the rest of the identity questions.




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