Top Selling Cars in February 2021

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Car Sales in February 2021

83,977 new motor vehicles were reported as sold during February 2021.

79,940 new motor vehicles were reported as sold during January 2021.

Best Selling Car Models in February 2021

  1. 3,718 Toyota Hilux 4×4
  2. 2,750 Toyota RAV4
  3. 2,603 Ford Ranger 4×4
  4. 2,427 Toyota Corolla
  5. 2,210 Hyundai i30
  6. 2,048 Mazda’s CX-5
  7. 1,489 Mitsubishi ASX
  8. 1,468 Kia Cerato
  9. 1,407 Toyota Prado
  10. 1,379 Mazda CX-3

The Chinese made MG car has had the fastest sales growth of all cars in February, with a 160% increase on annual sales.

Top Selling Car Brands February 2021

  1. 18,375 Toyota 21.9%
  2. 8,322 Mazda 9.9%
  3. 6,252 Hyundai 7.4%
  4. 5,871 Kia 7.0%
  5. 4,712 Ford 5.6%
  6. 3,824 Nissan 4.6%
  7. 3,017 MG 3.6%
  8. 3,009 Volkswagen 3.6%
  9. 2,815 Mercedes-Benz 3.4%
  10. 2,639 Subaru 3.1%

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has just released their VFACTS report for February 2021, which reveals that Chinese brand MG has finally broken through into the list of top 10 auto brands for new car sales in Australia, leapfrogging brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Subaru and Volkswagen to take eighth position overall.

Source: DMARGE a leading premium lifestyle publisher for Australian professionals.

Why or How, can the MG be more popular than the Mercedes-Benz, Subaru and Volkswagen?

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What is the price difference between these cars?

The cheapest models in each range are:

MG MG3 $15,990
Subaru Impreza. $18,795
Volkswagen $20,490
Mercedes-Benz GLA: $51,881

Cheap cars are popular when times are tough.

Why is the Chinese made MG so popular in Australia?

Possibly the advertising in the Chinese MG website..

At MG, our timeless approach to style guides every brushstroke our designers make when designing a new model.

Embracing British style with global technology is the perfect fusion of the modern MG. Instilled with more than 90 years of classic design and packed with the latest in technology, having an affordable yet refined vehicle remains a core value of MG today.

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