House Prices 1973 and 2014 from

House Prices 1973 and 2014 from

A comparison of house prices done by
show that Perth (3,109%) has risen faster than the other States, with Hobart in Tasmania (2,020%) having the smallest increase. (Darwin is not compared as full data is not available). All property has risen faster than wages though, with wages only having risen by 1,200%.

According to this report:

Median house prices across Australia’s capital cities looked something like this:

1973 Australian House Prices.

$27,400 Sydney
$19,800 Melbourne
$17,500 Brisbane
$16,250 Adelaide
$18,850 Perth
$26,850 Canberra
$15,200 Hobart
$87,500 (information unavailable until 1986; this value reflects 1986 housing costs) Darwin

2014 Australian House Prices.

$843,994 Sydney an increase of 2980%
$615,068 Melbourne an increase of 3006%
$473,924 Brisbane an increase of 2608%
$459,258 Adelaide an increase of 2726%
$604,822 Perth an increase of 3109%
$573,326 Canberra an increase of 2035%
$322,274 Hobart an increase of 2020%
$667,115 Darwin

September 2014 values from Domain Group’s House Price Report: ../australian-house-prices-then-and-now

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and for comparison:

Australian WAGES 1973 and 2014.

1973: the average weekly wage was $111.80 (including full- and part-time workers)

2014: a full-time worker makes on average $1453.90 weekly

Wages have risen by 1200% over the same period, based on the
supplied figures

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