How long do Covid-19 vaccines take to work?

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Are you fully protected after getting a vaccine?

Some people they are protected immediately after receiving the vaccine. They are wrong.

From about 14 days after getting the 1st dose, they have some protection.

Then, from about 7-14 days after their second dose they have substantial protection, but it is not 100% protection.

Also, is it protection from:

  • Catching Covid-19?
  • Suffering mild effects from Covid-19?
  • Suffering severe effects from Covid-19?
  • Dying from Covid-19?

From what I have read, you receive good protection, but not 100% protection, from severe effects and death from Covid-19.

How long does Pfizer take to work?

How long does AstraZeneca take to work?

It seems that some protection starts to appear about 2 weeks after the first dose, and then this increases over time.

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Individuals may not be fully protected until 7-14 days after their second dose of the Pfizer (Comirnaty) or AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria)) vaccine.

Because of this, you can still become ill prior to this time and infect others around you, so you should continue COVIDSafe practices.

Note: When they say “fully protected“, they do not mean 100% protection. It might only be 97% protection from dying of a Covid-19 infection that you can still catch.


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