Vaccine Efficiency reports from the UK.

What do Vaccine Efficiency figures mean?

Data from Public Health England.

492,528 cases of the Delta variant were recorded since February 2021.

  • 113,823 (23.1%) were in those who had both doses of a vaccine.
  • 158,719 (32.2%) had a single dose only.
  • 219,716 (44.6%) were not vaccinated.

Some of those that have been vaccinated may have only recently received the vaccine, and may not yet have the protection from it.

The severity of the case is not specified. Those vaccinated may be more likely to not have symptoms, while those Unvaccinated may be more likely to be hospitalised.

How long do Covid-19 vaccines take to work?

Public Health England statements show that around 60,000 deaths have been prevented in England as a result of their Covid vaccine programme.

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43.3 million people in the UK have had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.
This is about 80 percent of the adult population.

But nearly a third of young adults in England (2.7 million) have not yet had a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and that is the group with the highest Covid-19 case rate.

Having both doses of a vaccine means that you are unlikely to die, if you catch Covid-19.

You CAN still catch it, and pass it on to someone else.

A lot of people think that once vaccinated they can’t catch COVID-19, and they can’t pass it on. They are WRONG.

The vaccine reduces the chances of catching it, and appears to massively reduce the risk of death, or severe illness.

Covid-19 Deaths in the UK.

The first Covid-19 vaccine in the UK was administered on 8th December 2020.

UK Rolling 7 day average of deaths.
1,122 – 2nd February 2021
220 – 6th March 2021
114 – 3rd September 2021

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