Repatriation Flights to Australia.

Conditions for Repatriation Flights.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), has confirmed that repatriation flights to Australia are for vulnerable Australians, Australian permanent residents and their immediate family members.

Definition of Repatriate.

The definition of a repatriate is a person or thing who has returned to his or her place or birth or origin.

A Repatriation Flight is therefore, a flight arranged to return someone to their place of birth, home country etc. It can also include returning someone to their normal established home, including permanent residents of a country.

An Australian Repatriation Flight is specified for:

  • Australian Citizens.
  • Australian permanent residents.
  • Immediate family members of the above.

Those of the above that are classed as vulnerable, are given priority for such repatriation flights.

It does not include temporary visa holders that are not immediate family members of an Australian citizen or Permanent resident.

The Australian government’s priority is to bring back Australian citizens and Permanent Residents.

A recent article in the AFR stated that the current backlog of Australians stranded overseas stands at 38,500, with some having been waiting for as long as 13 months for a flight.

From the 87,893 registered, that have been able to return home, the numbers per country include:

  • 20,577 from India.
  • 12,348 from Britain.
  • 4,252 from the Philippines.
  • 4,095 from the United States.

Who can register with DFAT?

Who can register with DFAT



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