Hyundai i20 Hatchback – Fuel Consumption

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Hyundai i20 Hatchback – Average Fuel Consumption.

The official specs from show the Fuel Consumption rates for the Hyundai i20 as:


5.9 for average combined travel type
7.9 for Urban Travel Type


5.3 for average combined travel type
7.1 for Urban Travel Type

A Real Life Example during November and December 2015, with 3,772 kms driven.

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Average Fuel Consumption Hyundai i20 Automatic.

6.81 litres per 100km, averaged over almost 4,000km of combined travel types

Fuel Consumption between Individual Refills

Personal Best: 5.90 litres per 100km for 446 km between refills (Mainly 40-60kph drives)
Personal Worst: 9.42 litres per 100km for 401 km between refills (A lot of 100kph motorway driving)

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