International Students and Long Term Careers.

An Australian Future for International Students?

How many International students want to stay in Australia after studies?

Many International students come to Australia to study, gain a degree and then plan to stay in a good job, based on their qualifications.

News reports however, show that many new graduates have a lot of difficulty in finding a relevant job.

One example being a bachelor of biomedical science who had to do warehouse work for 2 years after graduation.

There are many other stories of degree qualified engineers, working as taxi drivers, or similar, after their course is completed.

Employers always seem to prefer to give the quality jobs to those with permanent stay in Australia, either Australian Citizens or Permanent Resident visa holders.

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Those on temporary visas are often left behind.

Some student visa holders understand this issue, especially as they need to prove they are only coming to Australia temporarily, when they apply for their student visa. They know from the beginning that they probably can’t stay.

All applicants for a Student visa must show they are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education.

Some get an Australian education to help with their prospects when they return home.

How many International students return home after studies?

It isn’t only happening in Australia.

A study in the UK found that 97% of non-European Economic Area students leave the UK after completing their studies.

In March 2018 there were about 50,000 international graduates in Australia on temporary visas after completing their studies. This compared to about 350,000 international students enrolled in Australian universities during that year. A much higher number stayed on in Australia, compared to the UK.

But it still leaves the vast majority that return home, even though they may not have planned that ending.

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