Median Age in Australia and the World

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How Does Australia’s Median Age compare to the World.

The median age of Australian people is 37.3 years, which is higher than the median average for the entire world 30.9 years, but not as high as some countries.

However, 20 years ago the median age of Australians was only 35 years.

Using the figures from the ABS 2018 report, the highest median age was 42 years for those in Tasmania, while the Northern Territory had the lowest median age of 33 years.  This has changed from 1998, when South Australia had the highest, although NT was still the lowest.  Both Tasmania and NT have increased their median ages the most, in the last 20 years.

Median Ages in Australian States and Territories.

Australian Population Median Age 2018

Median Age Around the World.

22.6 Papua New Guinea
25.2 Philippines
27.3 South Africa
28.2 India
29.3 Indonesia
29.9 Malaysia
32.6 Vietnam
37.3 Australia
37.9 New Zealand
38.3 United States of America
38.7 China (excl. SARs and Taiwan)
40.8 United Kingdom
41.0 Sweden
41.4 Canada
42.0 France
42.4 Singapore
43.4 Korea (South)
44.8 Hong Kong (SAR of China)
45.3 Greece
47.9 Italy
48.2 Japan

30.9 World

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Source: ABS 3101.0 – Australian Demographic Statistics, Jun 2018

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