Medical and Health Requirements for an Austrian Visa

Permanent Visa Applicants to Australia NEED Medical Examinations.

Most Visa applications to Australia, other than short term visitors, need a Medical Exam as part of the Application process.

Even if NOT travelling/Migrating with your dependant children or spouse, they may also need to have an exam. It is part of the rules for your application.

This is the actual text from one of the Visa Application Forms

All applicants for permanent visas including the main applicant, spouse and any dependants must be assessed against the health requirement. Even if the applicant’s spouse and dependants are not included in the visa application, they must still be assessed against the health requirement.

Applicants for a permanent visa will be asked to undergo a medical examination, an x-ray if 11 years of age or older and an HIV test if 15 years of age or older, as well as any additional tests required by the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC).

Note: Applicants may have already undertaken a health assessment for their visa. However, the department reserves the right to request additional health examinations as part of this visa application process.

Applicants from some countries will be told which Doctor or Medical Centre they need to use for their Medical, and will have to quote their Visa Application ID to arrange the Medical. The results in those cases are sent direct to the Embassy without the Applicant seeing the result.

My Health Declarations.

My Health Declarations (MHD) is a service for clients who have not yet lodged a visa application and would like to do health examinations before lodging a visa application.

Two Points on the Immigration website about the “My Health Declarations” options are:

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Who should not use My Health Declarations?

You should not use My Health Declarations if the visa that you are intending to apply for can take more than six months to process.

Who should use My Health Declarations?

You should use My Health Declarations if the visa that you are intending to apply for is likely to be processed within the next 12 months.

Expiration of Medicals for Australian Visas.

Medical Exam results are normally Valid for only 12 months.

The health examination results are generally only valid to be used for your visa application for a maximum of twelve months.
If processing of your visa application is delayed, you might need to repeat your health examinations at extra cost to you and your family.

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