Medical Tax Offset

You are eligible to get 20% rebate on your medical expenses in each year above the annual threshold set by the Australian Tax Office, their is no upper limit to your claim.

  • The threshold for 2008-09 was $1,500
  • The threshold for 2009-10 was $1,500
  • The threshold for 2010-11 may be increased to $2,000 with future annual increases linked to CPI.

If you spend less than $1,500 in the year on ELIGIBLE medical expenses, you are NOT able to claim anything.

If you spend over $1,500 in the year, on ELIGIBLE medical expenses, you are able to claim 20% of the amount spent above that $1,500.


Spend $2,000 you get back $100, being 20% of ($2,000 – $1,500=) $500.

Spend $4,000 you get back $500, being 20% of ($4,000 – $1,500=) $2,500.

Q: Who can claim the Medical Tax Offset ?
A: Any person that is Tax resident in Australia can claim for themselves, their spouse and children under 21.

Q: What can you claim under the Medical Tax Offset ?

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A: You can claim expenses relating to an illness or operation paid to legally qualified doctors, nurses or chemists and public or private hospitals. This includes medical expenses paid while travelling overseas.

The following types of expenses are included:

  • Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Opticians
  • Prescription glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Laser Eye surgery

More Details at:

Australian Online Pharmacies and Optical

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