Migrants Unemployment Rate in Australia 2013

Rate of Unemployment for Migrants to Australia.

The rate of Unemployment for recent migrants is normally higher than for long term Residents or citizens.

Comparative unemployment rates

9.0% Recent migrants on a permanent visa
7.0% Recent migrants (all visas)
5.4% people born in Australia
4.6% Temporary residents
4.3% Migrants with Australian citizenship

65% of the 1.5 million recent migrants and temporary residents were employed in November 2013.

73% of Migrants with Australian citizenship were employed (75% were full time)
60% of migrants on a permanent visa (74% were full time)
64% of temporary residents (65% were full time).

Around three quarters (73%) of Skilled migrants were employed as at November 2013.
Of the Skilled migrants who were the main applicant, 85% were employed.
About half (55%) of migrants on a Family visa.
About 70% of those on Other permanent visas were employed.

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One Third of recent migrants reported some difficulty finding their first job.

Around one third (34%) of recent migrants who have had a job in Australia reported experiencing some difficulty finding their first job.
Of these:

61% reported a lack of Australian work experience or references
33% experienced language difficulties
28% reported a lack of local contacts or networks
15% reported no jobs or vacancies in their locality or preferred occupation
15% said their skills or qualifications were not recognised


6250.0 – Characteristics of Recent Migrants, Australia, Nov 2013 (Released June 2014)

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