Montville, Queensland, 4560

Montville, Queensland 4560

Montville is a small drive inland from the Sunshine Coast, about 30 minutes. It is an arts and crafts area, and a very popular tourist destination, even in mid winter.

Many an hour can be spent in the “Chocolate Shop” and the “Candy Store”.

Montville also has a restaurant with a “Pay What its Worth” lunchtime menu, where YOU decide what your meal is worth, and pay them that figure… I would love to hear anyone’s comments on how well that works…

If you are to afraid to try to set a price, don’t worry, they also have normal menus… I think… 🙂

Whilst driving through the village, this pub caught my attention, mainly due to the sign outside…

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The Penefathings Inn (English Style Pub)

The Penefathings English Style pub at Montville

and the sign outside, that may interest some people…

The Penefathings English Style pub at Montville

Other Dining Facilities in Montville

More information on this beautiful area can be found at the:

Things of Interest being sold in the various craft shops include:

  • Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks
  • Exquisite antique jewellery
  • Australian-made giftware

If Arts and Crafts, and some speciality shopping is your “thing”, then Montville is for you… I think I even saw a “Husbands Creche” for you to leave your husbands, whilst you hit the shops. I will be looking it up, next time… 🙂

A little history of Montville, Queensland

Montville, is actually named after the town of Montville, Connecticut, USA. In 1893 a Henry Smith, who’s family came from Montville, USA opened the first Post Office in the area originally called Razorback, but which he had renamed to Montville.

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