Parking in an EV Charging Space.

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Should Cars park in EV charging spaces.

In some Australian States it is an offence for a driver to park in an Electric Vehicle [EV] charging space unless they are plugged into the power source and charging their vehicle.

The fine in Victoria is between $99 and $330.

The fine in Queensland is $55.

Most people agree with that rule, but a few seem to think the rule is wrong.

Example include:

“The rule is not fair and non-EV drivers should not be fined for parking at an EV charging station.”

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“EVs can park in normal spots. Hardly seems fair.”

These ones seem to have not read the rules fully.

An EV parked at a charging station but not charging, will be fined, the same as a non EV.
So why should some feel that a non EV vehicle be exempt from the same fine as an EV owner.

A non-EV driver parking at an EV charging station, stopping EVs from charging, is the same as an EV vehicle parking at a petrol station pump, stopping petrol cars from filling up.

I can’t imagine an EV owner parking at a petrol pump.

I also see no reason why a petrol or diesel vehicle owner would feel the need to park in an Electric Vehicle charging station space.  There are some people of course who like to make life harder for others, and would complain about getting a penalty for doing it.


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