Pharmaceutical Benefits Safety Net thresholds

The Australian Medicare system provides Pharmaceutical Prescriptions at subsidised prices for most people in Australia.

Some groups, those that hold concession cards, have these Prescriptions subsidised at a greater rate than others.

Normal prices for Prescriptions in Australia are currently:

  • up to $6.60 for concession card holders.
  • up to $41.00 for general patients.

For people who need a lot of prescriptions in a year, there is a further benefit, the “Pharmaceutical Benefits Safety Net“.

This ensures even higher subsidies for everyone, once they have spent a certain amount on Prescriptions in the year.

The 2020 PBS Safety Net thresholds are:.

  • $316.80 for concession card holders (about 48 standard prescriptions).
  • $1,486.80 for general patients (about 36 standard prescriptions).

Once you reach that threshold, you need to apply for a PBS Safety Net card to get the cheaper Prescription Medicines.

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Your Prescriptions after that will then be either:

  • Free for concession card holders.
  • Up to $6.60 for general patients.


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