Queensland – Christmas Road Safety Campaign 2014

Day 8 of the Christmas Road Safety Campaign in Queensland.

Excessive speeds in 100km zones were detected:

The highest speed recorded on day 8 of the Christmas Road Safety Campaign was 165km hour in a 100km zone on the Pacific Motorway at Worongary

Excessive speeds in 70km zones were detected:

A driver was caught doing 150km in a 70km zone on the Robina Parkway at Robina.

Excessive speeds in 60km zones were detected:

108km an hour on Gympie Road, Kedron.
119km an hour on Ruthven Street, Toowoomba.
107km an hour on Kamerunga Road, Cairns driver.

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Drink and Drug Offences

One drink driver recorded a breath alcohol level of 0.327 per cent at Kin Kora. The limit is 0.05.
Fifteen positive roadside drug tests were also recorded.
Police also impounded 36 vehicles across the state.

For the 8 Day period to midnight: Tuesday, 30 December 2014.

Traffic Crashes

1 Fatal Traffic Incidents (2013 total: 2)
2 Persons Killed (2013 total: 2)
180 Injury Traffic Incidents (2013 total: 226)
215 Persons Injured (2013 total: 280)

Alcohol and Drug Testing

76,751 Random Breath Tests Performed (RBT) (2013 total: 114,700)
405 Roadside Drug Tests Performed (RDT) (2013 total: 577)
413 Drink Driving (2013 total: 491)
57 Drug Driving Roadside positive tests (yet to be analysed) (2013 total: 37)

Traffic Offences

17,325 Speed Camera Detections (2013 total: 17,676)
4,490 Speeding (Other) (2013 total: 6,050)
247 Seat Belts (2013 total: 324)
340 Mobile Phone Offences (2013 total: 393)
4,284 Other Offences (2013 total: 5,062)
9,361 Total Offences (infringements) (2013 total: 11,829)

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