Queensland NSW Border Passes

The online portal enabling members of the public to apply for the Queensland Border Declaration Pass is now live, (link at end of post).

The completed declaration is a requirement for everyone including Queensland residents who are returning to Queensland as of midday on Friday, July 3.

State Disaster Coordinator Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said previous border entry passes into Queensland would be invalid from midday.

“Each person travelling must have a completed Queensland Border Declaration Pass and those travelling by road need to have one clearly displayed within their vehicle to enable priority passage,” Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said.

“They must also carry identification which show a residential address.

“The Queensland Border Declaration Pass is a print-at-home document and issued following the completion of an online questionnaire.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to understand and listen to the Queensland public health directions and follow them closely, including those who intend to travel into Queensland from other states.

“Border restrictions apply to all travel to Queensland by air, sea, rail or road.

“Police will conduct random interceptions of those progressing through priority passage to ensure the validity of declarations.”

Anyone coming to Queensland who has been in Victoria or another hotspot within the last 14 days will be required to quarantine in a designated hotel at their own cost. This includes Queenslanders returning home from Victoria or other hotspot areas.

Failure to comply with quarantine directions and border restrictions can result in on-the-spot fines of $1,334 for individuals and $6,672 for corporations.

Providing false information on the declaration or entering Queensland unlawfully could result in a $4,003 fine, or a court-imposed penalty of up to $13,345.

The Queensland Entry Declaration can be accessed at www.qld.gov.au/border-pass and is valid for seven days.

  • A Border Pass AND proof of residential address is needed, to enter Queensland from 3rd July.
  • People entering Queensland from Victoria or another hotspot, where they have been during the last 14 days will incur quarantine costs. It appears to be the same as International Arrivals who have to Pay their own Quarantine costs.

You are only allowed to enter Queensland if you are an exempt person or have been granted an exemption from Queensland’s Chief Health Officer AND you have a Queensland Border Declaration Pass.

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