Retirement Visa subclass 410

Retirement visa (subclass 410).

This visa is no longer available to new applicants, other than partners of existing Retirement visa holders.

Former Retirement visa (subclass 410) holders and their partners who have been granted any other substantive visa, including Visitor visas and Electronic Travel Authorities, are also no longer able to re-apply for this visa.

The Retirement visa (subclass 410) was designed for retirees and their partners (if any) who wanted to spend some of their retirement years in Australia.

This visa was is valid for up to 10 years from the date of grant and does not have any restrictions on the hours they are able to work.

The subclass 410 visa is a temporary visa. It allows you and your partner to work or study in Australia and leave and re-enter Australia at any time.

The visa holder and partner must comply with all visa conditions and Australian laws. A breach of these visa conditions, or breaking Australian laws, can result in this visa being cancelled, and holders having to leave Australia.

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Although the Retirement visa (subclass 410) is closing to new applicants, existing visa holders can continue to apply for subsequent Retirement visas (subclass 410).

PR Pathway for subclass 410 visa holders.

A Pathway to permanent residence for some retirement visa holders commenced on 17 November 2018, as part of the 2018-19 Budget.

This pathway provides options to long-term residents who have contributed to, and are well-established in the community.

The government has built the pathway by setting aside a portion of places from the permanent migration scheme for parents.

You may be eligible to apply for a pathway to permanent residence if, on 8 May 2018 you held a Retirement visa (subclass 410).

Learn more about the Retirement visa pathway.…/pathway to permanent residence for retirees.

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