Roundup Tree Killer

Having a problem Palm tree at the moment, and needing something to reduce the palm trees life, I was told to look at Roundup as a solution. Well, I thought that was just a lawn weed treatment, until I checked into it fully.

Two products from the Manufacturers website:

    Roundup Concentrate Roundup © Concentrate

    Use Roundup © Concentrate on all weeds and unwanted grass or as a stem injection to kill unwanted trees and woody weeds.

    Contains 360 grams/litre glyphosate.
    Roundup © Concentrate has a sophisticated surfactant technology that enhances performance.

    Roundup PowerMAX concentrate Roundup © PowerMax ?½ Concentrate

    Super strength formula is perfect for hard-to-kill weeds and problem trees.

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    Contains 540 grams/litre glyphosate.
    Roundup PowerMAX has been formulated with a unique cutting edge surfactant system that is designed to maximize uptake of the herbicide by the weed.
    Don’t store mixed up solution for more a few days.

It looks like it may be the Glyphosate that does the trick.
The normal Roundup weedkiller packs would appear to have a very low concentration of this ingredient.

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