Scary COVID News Headlines for over 50s.

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The Headline:

Almost half the U.K.’s recent Covid-19 deaths are of people who have been vaccinated.

The story:

Deaths among people who got the Delta variant as of June 21, as reported by Public Health England.

The UK has recorded a total of 117 deaths in people with the Delta coronavirus variant, from 92,029 Delta cases analysed.

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109 of these deaths were in the over 50 years group:

  • 38 were not vaccinated
  • 21 had one vaccine dose.
  • 50 had 2 vaccine doses.

8 of these deaths were in the under 50 years group:

  • 6 not vaccinated
  • 2 with one vaccine dose.
  • None with 2 vaccine doses.


The elderly, even when fully vaccinated, are still much more likely to be severely affected by the Delta variant of COVID-19.

The younger people get greater protection from both doses of a vaccine.

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