Should Queensland Open its Borders?

Queensland is one of the Australian States with Reduced access through its borders.  Should they be open?.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has slammed Queensland over it’s border closure, and questioned why the Queensland border remains shut with low COVID-19 numbers.

One answer might be:  Because Queensland wants to KEEP the numbers low?

Opening the borders would invite the virus to enter the State.

The border is not totally closed,  some people have entered, via NSW,  and brought the virus into Queensland.

Opening the borders would probably mean more cases in Queensland. Maybe as many as NSW or even as many as Victoria.  This could cause lockdowns in Queensland.

Why would the Premier of NSW want that in Queensland?

  • Queensland has 29 active cases, all linked to transmission from people entering through New South Wales, mainly against the regulations.
  • New South Wales has 142 active cases.
  • Victoria has 1,622 active cases.

Both New South Wales and Victoria were in favour of open borders.

  • Victoria has had 570 deaths since 1st August.
  • New South Wales has had 3 deaths since 1st August.
  • Queensland has had ZERO deaths in that same period, and wants it to stay that way.


Australia has had 705 COVID deaths since 18th April (the date of the last death in Queensland).

These deaths, since 18th April, by State are:

Some News Reports on the subject:

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian admitting she ‘does begrudge’ Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk of her decision to keep the southern border [QLD-NSW] shut.

Some people have wondered what the word “begrudge” means, so here is the dictionary definition:

Definition of BEGRUDGE (verb): not want someone to have something; feel annoyed at having to do something.  To feel jealous or envious, envy, begrudge, covet.

Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and Western Australia closed their borders in March and some Premiers have said travel restrictions would be the last coronavirus lockdown measure lifted.

This left New South Wales (including the ACT) and Victoria with open borders at the time.

A recent Newspoll, published in The Australian in late August, showed that 84% of Queenslanders backed locking down borders to arrivals from Victoria and NSW.

Intensive care COVID-19 patients

New South Wales and Victoria are the only states with patients currently in Intensive care.
It has been 85 days since Queensland had an Intensive care patient.
It has been 119 days since WA had an Intensive care patient.
It has been 127 days since Tasmania had an Intensive care patient.

The NSW Premier wants Queensland to be more like NSW?

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